• W1000 Polycarbonate window Awning

    W1000 Polycarbonate window Awning

    15 years quality warranty / for door and window / easy to install


  • W800 Polycarbonate door canopy

    W800 Polycarbonate door canopy

    Products InformationAssembling PartsSheet: 3mm Polycarbonate solid sheet, 4mm hollow sheet  (one sheet)Bracket: Alloy Plastic (one pair)Joint: Aluminum Fixing Bar (2 pcs)Others: Set Screw, Countersunk Screw ( 4 pcs/each)Popular SizeW(mm)L(mm)Materials8001


  • Polycarbonate skylight

    Polycarbonate skylight

    Made of German Bayer / maximum size 2.6m * 3m / 15 years life span


  • Polycarbonate Corrugated Sheet

    Polycarbonate Corrugated Sheet

    Made of German Bayer / UV resistant / 10 years life span


  • PS Pattern Sheet

    PS Pattern Sheet

    12 different pattern styles / competitive price / different color


  • Multi-wall Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

    Multi-wall Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet

    Made of German Bayer / 10 years life span / competitive price


  • Polycarbonate Solid Sheet

    Polycarbonate Solid Sheet

    Made of German Bayer / 10 years life span / competitive price


  • Clear PC Solid Sheet

    Clear PC Solid Sheet

    1.High Transparent 2.High Impact Resistant 3.Weather Resistant


  • WF800 PC Awning

    WF800 PC Awning



  • 6mm PC Hollow Sheet

    6mm PC Hollow Sheet

    100\% Virgin Materials and 10 Years Warranty


  • WR1000 PC Canopy

    WR1000 PC Canopy

    Flexible Continuously assembled


  • #902 PS Pattern Sheet

    #902 PS Pattern Sheet

    Square Grid Pattern


About Us


         Foshan Sunhouse Building Materials Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing roofing materials. Our Products satisfy various requirements of roofing materials from different customers, nonopaque and opaque, flat sheet and corrugated sheet, thermoforming secondary operations and etc. Our products are: PC (Polycarbonate) solid sheet, hollow sheet (sun panel), corrugated sheet and thermoforming products, PS(polystyrene) sheet, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) corrugated sheet, FRP light sheet, and polycarbonate awning. We have service of design, customizing, ODM, OEM, accept customers’ materials for processing, which will make our products most suitable for customers。

        Our company is established in 1997 when we had only two lines for thermoforming. Now we have two mills including over 10 production lines. We can produce 50 tons per day and we have most kinds of products in the same work. Our products are popular in lighting of roofing, greenhouse, sound insulation, advertisement light box, telephone booth, bus shelter, housing balcony, machine protection and etc. Furthermore, we have advanced quality control system and estimate system. And we have the ability to research and develop advanced equipments and products.

        Our products have a nationwide selling network and are sold to Southeast Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa. We hope we can explore more foreign market with our advanced technology, steady quality, favorable service and well-deserved reputation. We are looking forward to cooperate with more customers of building materials, advertisement equipments, outdoor articles and etc.


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